welcome to beifang waterproof. ancient have positive dayu, this is beifang waterproof !

chairman speech -九游会真人

the director of china building waterproof material industry institute

the draftsman of the sbs membrane national standard.

the vice-director of building waterproof construction institute in heibei province.

hebei province construction waterproof, director of the committee

the vice-director of nongovernmental enterprise directors association in baoding.

thanks to the support from the community, the users’ love and hard work from the staff, beifang has become a professional waterproofing enterprise which includes production, research, sales and construction together. express sincere gratitude to all the cooperators, constructers and friends with beifang company.

 our company is council unit of china waterproof building materials industry association. we have participated in establishing the industry standard of sbs modified bitumen membrane, national standards and polyurethane waterproof coating formulation of national standards. our competition does not come from our peers, but from our own, so our goal is to continue to beat our own and go beyond ourselves.

 over the years, we always insisted on constant innovation and technological transformation, and we have became a synthesis enterprise with the national qualification which includes manufacture polyurethane waterproof coating, js compound waterproof coating, k11 cementitious capillary crystalline waterproofing materials, non-curable rubber modified asphalt coating for waterproofing so on. our product performance is spread all over the country more than 2000 provinces and cities.

 " ancient has dayu governance water, today have beifang waterproof" we will take the object: quality as the root, the integrity for the days, the customer is supreme, to meet the growing consumer demand of  customers with the more fresh ,beauty and good product ;in return for the social and our land.

 we believe that our new and fresh will support us as always and we also wish that we can make cooperation with more companies. the future will be a brilliant tomorrow with us.



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