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baoding beifang waterproof engineering company was founded in 1993, over the years, to create and maintain a quality brand advantage, undertake and completed many large-scale water projects.

beifang waterproof engineering company has consistently adhered to the development of independent intellectual property rights and application, it is committed to build the core technology of innovative products and construction method. over the years, the company always adhere to the continuous innovation, and continuously carry out technical transformation, by a single waterproofing membrane production enterprise development to the integrated enterprise with the production of asphalt waterproofing membrane, polymer waterproofing materials, polyurethane waterproof coating, fiberglass asphalt shingles, js composite waterproof coating, k11 waterproof paint, non-curing rubber asphalt waterproof coating etc.


the team has been committed to r & d and innovation

strive to improve product quality, continuous innovation, to create the best service for customers
your satisfaction is the value of our existence

now, our company has developed from the single production of waterproof material professional enterprise to a integrated enterprise with scientific research, production, sales and construction ,the company produced by scientific formula and process of advanced materials, and the performance can reach quite high level, the product has participated in national competitions, three consecutive state sampling qualified, consumers trust products, quality products in hebei province, famous products in baoding etc.

adhere to the training and certificates, according to the requirements for waterproofing design and field develop optimized construction scheme and to regulate the professional construction. good at finding and solving the building waterproof professional difficult miscellaneous diseases. the company has perfect after sale service team, to ensure 24 hours at your home service, guaranteed watertight.

today, the road of brand and diversification is our firm's choice. " ancient have positive dayu, this is beifang waterproof", the company is steadily development, production and sales increased year by year. company purpose: "to the quality of the market! to the credibility to win customers! get to management efficiency! to innovation development! "base on continuous innovation, and constantly improve product quality, my company all staff is willing to cooperate wholeheartedly with the community insight, and seek common development, service to the community.



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