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  • polymer modified cement slurry for waterproof


    this product is a two-component waterproof coating composed of high-quality latex and auxiliaries liquid material.

  • k11 cementitous capillary crystalline waterproof coating


    k11 cementitous capillary crystalline waterproof coating is a rigid waterproof material, which is made of ordinary portland cement and active chemical components as the base material for chemical composition. the mechanism is associated with the action of water and materials containing the…

  • non-curing rubber bituminous waterproof coating


    this product is a kind of new waterproof material, which is used to maintain the creep of the adhesive paste, which is used to keep the adhesive paste in the application state. the coating can be closed base cracks and pores, can adapt to the complex construction operation; when in contact with…


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