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  • bf-208 self-adhering polymer modified bituminous waterproof sheet


    spx self-adhering polymer modified bituminous waterproof sheet is made of high density polyethylene (hdpe) film or foil (al) as a membrane covering material, double faced adhesive surface using advanced anti sticking paper (film).

  • bf-218 self-adhering polymer modified bituminous waterproof sheet


    this product is a high volume of synthetic rubber and resin modified asphalt as base material, polyester felt as the matrix, with polyethylene film, fine sand or aluminum foil as the surface material, the bottom of the senior anti sticking isolation paper  as the bottom.

  • pre-applied and wet installed self-adhering waterproof sheets


    pre-applied material is a waterproof material which is bonded with major structure in the curing process occurred hydration reaction. in the construction, the material is pre laid at the base level, before the concrete is poured into the structure, the isolation film is exposed on the surface. …


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